Milos Kmetko

- Slovakia

In this Everyday Humans episode, meet Milos Kmetko - Snowboarder, Granddad and reluctant retiree.

Milos is a young soul with little patience for the excuse of old age and a need for speed. More importantly, Milos doesn't care what you think Granddads should be doing - he's too busy strapping his snowboard boots on and heading to the mountain. Carpe diem and all that.

For all his trouble, Director Patrik Paulinyi won himself:
+ Syrp Genie Tracking Kit:

Director + Producer: Patrik Paulinyi
Talent: Milos Kmetko + Janka Timkova
Supporting Talent: Lubos Kmetko + Tadeas Kmetko
Music: Audiojungle