Matt Liggins

- New Zealand

In this episode of Everyday Humans, Meet Matt Liggins - Architect, Artist and eternal optimist.

Matt designs stuff - buildings, large plywood pyramids, you name it, he's created it. The Real Pyramid Schemer is an art piece Matt dreamt up with a simple aim - to make people happy - and it's doing a pretty great job. He's a good sort, and a guy who knows that the root of all happiness is human connection and a strong cup of Nespresso.

Director: Ben Vercauteren
Editor: Ben Vercauteren
Executive Producer: Ben Ryan
Supporting Talent: Joshua Lindsay
Director of Photography: Ben Vercauteren
Assistant Director of Photography: Matthijs Blok
Post Production: Matthijs Blok
Photographers: Joshua Lindsay + Sarah Starkey
Music Composer: Dave Tomlinson