Lin Yan & Wei Jia


In this episode of Everyday Humans meet Lin Yan and Wei Jia - artists, risk takers and adopted New Yorkers.

Both born in China, Lin Yan and Wei Jia first there, then separately made their way to the US with only $30 in each of their pockets. They met again in art school - Lin Yan, quiet in class, was drawn to Wei Jia's badass ways and the rest is history. These days they work out of their joint studio in New York, living the dream as successful artists.

"Success is not about fame or money, it's about enjoying the process"

For winning 3rd place in the 2017 Everyday Humans Short Film Competition, Director Arthur Wei won himself $5000USD and:

+ Syrp Genie Mini Pan Tilt Kit

Director: Arthur Wei
Talent: Wei Jia and Lin Yan


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