Johnny and William de Courcy

- Canada

In this episode of Everyday Humans, meet Johnny and William de Courcy - blood brothers, musicians and creatively inclined entrepreneurs.

Johnny and William are guys with big goals and even bigger personalities. Together they run a screen printing shop out the back of Vancouvers oldest record store and dream of creating musical masterpieces and befriending Miley Cyrus. Team work makes the (screenprinting) dream work.   

For winning 2nd Place, Directors Orion, Brian, Adam and their team won $4500USD and;

+ Syrp Genie Pan Track Kit
+ Goal Zero Sherpa 50
+ Wipster Video Pro Subscription

Directors: Orion McCaw, Brian Van Wyk + Adam Kirschner
Producers: Orion McCaw, Brian Van Wyk + Adam Kirschner
Talent: Johnny + William de Courcy
Director of Photography: Brian Van Wyk
Editor: Orion McCaw
Sound Mixing: Adam Kirschner
Music: 'Angel of Death' - Johnny de Courcy