Jiří Novák

- Czech Republic

In this episode of Everyday Humans - meet Jiří Novák - book store owner, literacy lover, and wearer of many hats (and the occasional wig).

Thanks to e-books, people who deal in real live paper ones have been hit pretty hard over the last few years, but that doesn't stop Jiří. He spends his nights working security so he can spend his days doing what he really loves - sharing his passion for books with anyone and everyone who'll listen. On ya, Jiří!

For winning 4th place in the 2017 Everyday Humans Short Film Competition, Director Radim Vaňous and his team won themselves $3000USD and:

Syrp Genie Mini Pan Tilt Kit

Director: Radim Vaňous
Assistant Director: Filip Hostýnek
Talent: Jiří Novák
Sound: Tomáš Zlámal
Soundtrack: Jonathan Barlow + The Spurs


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