Graziano Perugini

- Italy

In this episode of Everyday Humans, meet Graziano Perugini - wild herbalist, hilltop forager and seeker of solitude.

Graziano's home is more remote than most. Everyday he roams the peaks and valleys of the mountains around Brescia, Italy, in search of wild herbs. While it's isolated, the constantly changing landscape keep Graziano and his wife occupied all year round.

For winning the award for Best Use of Music/Sound, Director Leonardo Modonutto and his team won:

+ Syrp Genie Tracking Kit

Director: Leonardo Modonutto
Screenwriters: Bernardetta Giordano + Leonardo Modonutto
Talent: Graziano Perugini
English Subtitles: Valentina Anania
Sound Design: Gabriele Gritti
Aerial Shootings: Droneria Emiliana
Music Composer: Blake Ewing
Special Thanks: Alice Corti Perugini, Igor Donati and Silvia Di Natale


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