Fred Poole

- Australia

In this episode of Everyday Humans, meet Fred Poole - timber tamer, outdoors-man and classic Aussie bloke.

Ol' Fred's got his head screwed on solid, and sure as hell knows what hard work looks like. Situated in Timor, once a gold rush mecca but now a little on the ghost town side of things, Fred makes his own fun, spending his time working harder than you and avoiding Melbourne.

For winning 3rd Place, Good Grief Productions and friends got their hands on $3000USD, and:

+ Syrp Genie Mini Pan Tilt Kit
+ Goal Zero Sherpa 50

Directors: Good Grief Productions
Producer: Trent Borrow
Talent: Fred Poole
Cinematography: Cameron Trafford & Henry Gosper
Additional Footage: Max Kruse
Editor: Cameron Trafford
Colourist: Noel Rosa
Sound Design: And Richards
Music Composer: George Farrar