Elli Steger

- Austria

In this episode of Everyday Humans, meet Elli Steger - Illustrator, daydreamer and leap taker.

Elli's a talented lady - and a determined one. Faced with having to stop doing what she loved, she did the only thing she could - ignore medical advice and keep doing it anyway. Now she's found her people in Los Angeles and is making her way in the world as a successful illustrator.

For winning 2rd place in the 2017 Everyday Humans Short Film Competition, Director Abigail Green and her team won themselves $7000USD and:

+ Syrp Genie Pan Track Kit: https://syrp.co.nz/products/genie-kits
+ Syrp Variable ND Filter: https://syrp.co.nz/products/filter/variable-nd-filter

Director: Abigail Green
Producers: Philip Eder, Elisabeth Steger + Abigail Green
DoP and Editor: Philip Eder
Talent + Animation: Elisabeth Steger


Everyday Humans is a short film series inspiring creative film-making through compelling storytelling. No superheroes or famous faces, just everyday humans doing what they do. Check back every Wednesday for a new episode!

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