Charly Moore


In this episode of Everyday Humans, meet Charly Moore - artist, wanderer and desert dweller.

Charly's got his priorities straight, giving up the big city and a suit-and-tie job in architecture and technical engineering for the crevaced landscapes of Ivins, Utah. A German by birth, Charly's been discovering the sights of Utah for the past 14 years, finding new ways to capture them and throwing out pearls of wisdom along the way.

See Charly's work here:

This episode was brought to you by our talented cinematographer friend James Cawley - visit his website here:

Director: James Cawley
Producer: Krystal Cawley
Talent: Charly Moore
Director of Photography: James Cawley
Camera Assistant: Ben Barnett
Editing & Colour Correction: James Cawley
Composer: James Everingham