Boyen Tic

- Canada

In this episode of Everyday Humans, meet Boyen Tic - Astronomer, ponderer and telescope enthusiast.

Boyen has spent his life looking up, past what we know and into the realm of what we don't. From the humble beginnings of a rifle scope, Boyen's moved on to bigger and better telescopes, chasing points of light across the sky on a quest to find out more about what's really out there.

This short film, directed by Mehdi Nowroozi, won the award for Best Use of Music/Sound in our first annual Everyday Humans Short Film Competition.

Director: Mehdi Nowroozi
Director of Photography: Cole Graham
Talent: Boyen Tic
Editor: Kasey Lum
Assistant Editor: Mo Barrett
2nd Camera Assistant/Trainee: Jordan Cooper
Sound Mix: Ramiro Rodriguez
Composer: Christ.
Special Thanks: Friend Circle, Samaneh Badiei, H. R. MacMillan Space Centre