Aimee Garrett

- Canada

In this Everyday Humans episode, meet Aimee Garrett - farmer, skater and turkey translator.

Aimee lives a life of contrasts, ditching the hectic hustle of city life for the serenity of a small town and raising your next Thanksgiving meal. Still loyal to her skater roots, Aimee's working on colliding her worlds, bringing a little bit of skate to the farm and hunting for like-minded humans who want the peace of the country with the benefit of a well built backyard bowl.

This short film, directed by Corinne McDonald, won the 4th Place Award in our first annual Everyday Humans Short Film Competition, meaning she and her crew got their hands on $2,500USD, a Syrp Magic Carpet Epic Kit and Variable ND Filter.

Director: Corinne McDonald
Producer: Kimberlee Montgomery
Talent: Aimee Garrett
Supporting Talent: Dan Mathieu
Director of Photography: Corinne McDonald
Music Composers: Longlake & The Soldier Story